Perak Map


The state of Perak is the fourth largest in the country. It size is inferior only to Sarawak, Sabah and Pahang and is located within the northern west regions of Peninsular Malaysia. Perak is considered to be a very interesting state in Malaysia as it is known for its good food.

The state’s capital is Ipoh where the famous Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice comes from. Apart from that Ipoh is known for its tin mines and Limestone Mountains. Perak borders with Kedah to the north, Pahang to the east and Selangor to the south. Apart from Ipoh, other major towns here include Kampar, the university town, Teluk Intan, Taiping, one of the wettest and most peaceful towns in the country and Kuala Kangsar known as the Royal Town of the state. Other towns that are popular here include Pasir Salak, Bidor, Sitiwan and Lumut.

As with all other states within the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Perak is connected by the highly popular and often overused Norht-South Expressway. There are several interchanges here that one can take in order to head into the state of Perak like Jelapang and Ipoh Selatan which will bring them into the heart of the capital. Previously, there were 2 toll plazas here known as Ipoh North and Ipoh South but due to the high rate of accidents, a 2 local-express lanes have been constructed with one at Exit 138 for northbound traffic and another at Exit 141 for those travelling south.

In Perak, the E18 Expressway is operated to provide access between Lumut and Ipoh. Known as the Ipoh–Lumut Expressway, this road facilitates those who are travelling from other parts of the country heading toward to Lumut which is the ferry port into Pulau Pangkor, one of top island resorts in Malaysia and the surrounding regions.